Gnome3 on FreeBSD 12, a big time joke

Rogerio Cortezano rogerio.cortezano at
Wed Dec 19 12:01:34 UTC 2018

I'm trying to complie gnome 3 on freeBSD 12 for the last 2 days ( just for
the record: the pkg install gnome3 DOESNT WORK in this fucking version of
freebsd! )

A lot of bugs, bad dependencies and so on.

Now, I've got ANOTHER ERROR when compiling gstreamer !!!

I hope that you can fix this piece of shit - I have more to do with my time
, so, i'm coming back to my beloved fedora 29 - where EVERYTHING WORKS !!!

In attachment, the fucking erro log file

See u, and a sincerely hope that freeBsd become ADULT some time in future -
it's a joke put this "system" for download with this amount of bugs

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