maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 222265] multimedia/avidemux dumps core on resume

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Bug 222265: multimedia/avidemux dumps core on resume

--- Description ---
Since the commit of 320666 to FreeBSD-11 (and in head), avidemux is unstable.
It dumps core fairly randomly on resumes after playback is paused. The dump
points to a problem with qt4, but it is unlikely that there will be assistance
from upstream as qt4 is no longer under development and is bitrotting rather

The current port is badly out of date and shows multiple vulnerabilities. As a
result, an update to the current release, 2.7, and moving to qt5 seems like an
appropriate response. Upstream has supported qt5 for some time.

This is a particularly tricky port as it includes its own copy of ffmpeg and
several other libraries. My efforts have, to this point, failed to get through
the configure phase.

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