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Sun Nov 12 18:55:49 UTC 2017

On Sun, Nov 12, 2017 at 7:00 AM, Dries Michiels <driesmp at> wrote:

> Dear Multimedia Mailing List,
> With the increasing popularity of emby-server.
> Is it possible to change the default port options of ffmpeg to be
> compatible with emby-server.
> As can be seen from the URL, some port options need be enabled to provide
> full functionality for emby-server.
> However, maybe not all options are as critical to be enabled (such as SBM,
> why is it used? Or not?), food for though.
> With regards,
> Dries

The big issue here is licensing.  ffmpeg is gpl2 with lgpl2 on the
libraries and the default build is gpl2/lgpl2, but sme of these options are

libass is ISCL. I believe it is more "free" than gpl2, so that looks OK.
Ditto BSD licensed opus.
lame may stillb e fuzzy. lame, itself, is gpl, but it is not fully clear
that mp3 is entirely unencubered these days. Most seem to agree that it is,
but I am unsure of the official FreeBSD position, if any.
x265 is clearly non-free and the resulting build is not remotely gpl/lgpl

So it looks to me like most of these options are OK, but IANAL, so there
may be good reasons not to mix these licenses. There is clearly a good
reason not to include x265.
SMB is messy as it pulls in a LOT of stuff that many people won't need or
use, so I can also see making this an option, but I assume it's entirely a
maintainer option.
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