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Bug 220785: audio/jack: Update, added COOKEDMODE option, changed to GH

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Updated jack:
* Added COOKEDMODE option that turns on SNDCTL_DSP_COOKEDMODE.
  Without the cooked mode Jack's OSS driver currently fails for some soundcards
  (it chooses wrong sample rate). It's better to have COOKEDMODE=on by default
  it often appears broken otherwise.
  Professionals probably want COOKEDMODE=off, after they make sure their
  works with jack.
* Switched to github. It is easy to change revisions. Particularly, included
  merged upstream pull request #60 there enables the realtime mode (-R). It
  make it into the release yet.
* Added USES=autoreconf (github doesn't include configure)
* Also jack now installs more manpages.

Builds in poudriere.
Runs fine. Particularly, it failed for me before, and now it works with

Just in case, to run with real-time priority /etc/rc.conf needs lines like
> jackd_enable="YES"
> jackd_user="{your-jack-user}"
# jackd_rtprio="YES"
# jackd_args="-R -doss -r{sample-rate} -p1024 -n3 -w16 --capture /dev/dsp{N}
--playback /dev/dsp{N}"

- sample-rate can be 44100, 48000, etc.

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