FreeBSD USB audio

Eugene M. Zheganin emz at
Thu Feb 16 07:20:15 UTC 2017



I got new PC in my new office which lacks the PCI slot, so I guess this
is the end for my old SB Audigy one snd_emu10kx card. So, since I am
totally unhappy with the snd_hda(4) sound I'm considering buying
something USB external (since, unfortunately, there's no support for
decent sound cards in FreeBSD). So my question is 

- is the snd_uaudio(4) driver a generic one ? Do I just plug some USB
external audio into the host USB port and expect it to work ? Are there
some tricks ? 

- do I have to explicitely find for intended sound card that it supports
the USB Audio standard, or may be do they all support it out-of-the box

- does someone have an experience with Creative Soundblaster external
USB cards, since I'm a fan of their products ? Do they work with
snd_uaudio(4) under FreeBSD ? 



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