FreeBSD amd64 GENERIC kernel

blubee blubeeme gurenchan at
Tue Dec 19 14:19:36 UTC 2017

On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 9:53 PM, Hans Petter Selasky <hps at>

> On 12/19/17 13:57, blubee blubeeme wrote:
>> That still leaves my last question unanswered, where does one start
>> if they want to program audio applications on FreeBSD?
> Hi,
> You should start by looking at existing OSSv4 compatible audio
> applications already in FreeBSD ports and in FreeBSD base and compare how
> they use the OSSv4 interface(s).
> I have the impression you already know how various IOCTLs and defines are
> named in "sys/soundcard.h" and you can simply grep for the occurrence of
> these. Even just looking for the string "#include <sys/soundcard.h>" might
> be good enough for a start. For example if you have some gigabytes of disk
> space, run "make fetch extract" in all subfolders inside "/usr/ports/audio"
> and then grep through the extracted sources.
> --HPS
If my only option was to reverse engineer audio programs to learn then API
i'd probably take that route.
It's obvious there's issues that need to be sorted out here.

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