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Tue Dec 19 11:30:21 UTC 2017

Quoting blubee blubeeme <gurenchan at> (from Tue, 19 Dec 2017  
01:46:09 +0800):

> Is it possible to get FreeBSD soundcard.h in line with the one from:
> I was writing some test programs based on the documentation
> and a surprising amount of audio formats were not defined in FreeBSD's
> soundcard.h

We can not simply copy the file over (there are licensing  
implications, and surely implementation details = API is the same but  
the ABI is different). There are implications also for just adding  
"values". Maybe adding something into the include file requires  
support for this inside the kernel.

So yes, adding something (like audio formats) is possible, but  
requires analysis and testing by someone.


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