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Quoting blubee blubeeme <gurenchan at> (from Fri, 15 Dec 2017  
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> What's with the stuck up attitude? Stay focused on the issue at hand which
> is FreeBSD's fork of OSS makes it a challenge to implement software that
> sticks to the OSS standard.
> There's nobody actively working on improving the audio situation on
> FreeBSD. You have a user/developer who wants to do the work and you react

Can you please describe in features / bullet-points what is missing  
instead of saying "X is better than Y"?

> like it's some personal attack on your person to update the underlying code.
> Guess what, most of the clever features you talk about are in OSS4 and if
> they are not, they can still be added.

What I understand what you say is:
  - I want to replace X by Y, because Y is better.
  - Anything what is better in X can be added to Y.

So basically I understand that you want to replace incomplete  
feature-set in X by an incomplete feature-set from Y (without knowing  
what the incompleteness in either X or Y is).

> I'd really appreciate it if you refrained from your continued attempts at
> ad hominem against me and stick to code and a discussion around ideas and
> implementations.

I understand HPS as asking you to explain in different words what you  
want to tell, as he is not understanding what you want to tell. To my  
knowledge HPS is not a native english speaker (neither am I). I don't  
know if you are a native english speaker or not.
As a person working in a multi-language (at least 10, with english  
being the common one) environment I suggest not getting upset about  
phrases like "I don't understand your english", it doesn't necessarily  
mean a deficit on the receiver side of this phrase, but most often  
just means both ends don't share the same language background. Often  
it helps in such situations to switch from implicit ("it") references  
to explicitly mention an item/feature/object/... and to use short  

And to bring in some technical info (parts of "AFAIR", I may misremember...):
  - The OSS code in FreeBSD was at some point in time the 4Front OSS code.
  - At some point 4Front closed-source their implementation and  
FreeBSD deviated.
  - At some point Ariff put in an effort to advance the OSS code in  
FreeBSD which made it the best in various aspects (one of them  
latency) when compared to 4Front code, Windows, MacOS and Linux ALSA.
  - Then in 2006 Ryan was adding OSSv4-API compatibility to the  
FreeBSD sound code as part of the Google Summer of Code, mentored by  
Ariff and me.
  - Since then I don't remember big API changes/improvements... HPS  
worked a lot on USB audio support, userland drivers and AFAIK some  
MIDI stuff as part of the userland drivers, but all that is more or  
less drivers, not API... please correct me if I got this wrong; and  
mav(?) worked on HDA support (also driver, not API).

Note, various aspects of the FreeBSD sound code can be tweaked by  
sysctls, e.g. latency, virtual channels, direct physical access  
("bitperfect"), automatic resampling, equilizer, ... (see "sysctl  
hw.snd dev.pcm dev.hdaa dev.hdac" and "man sound snd_hda snd_uaudio"  
and the SOUND_4.TXT of Ariff you mentioned).

And regarding your comment about SOUND4.TXT: if you read this document  
carefully, you will notice that the part you quoted as being bad can  
be disabled.


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