FreeBSD amd64 GENERIC kernel

Hans Petter Selasky hps at
Fri Dec 15 11:36:39 UTC 2017


On 12/15/17 11:34, blubee blubeeme wrote:
> I feel like you're talking at something and not understanding my objectives.
> It's pretty simple: replace ALSA w/ upstreamed OSS.

I think you need to dig a bit more into the code itself to see what are 
the actual differences before I can say if your idea is good or not. I'm 
sorry, but I don't know opensound's code well enough to comment further 
on this.

> FreeBSD's implementation of OSS is missing a few features that hamstring
> the development on FreeBSD.

What are those features exactly? Why can't they be implemented in 
FreeBSD's sound stack?

> Also, why would FreeBSD want to maintain it's own implementation of an open
> source project?
I believe this has been discussed before and maybe there are more 
threads around which will answer your question.

> What part of oss source:
> is a binary blob?

OK, I see the source code is available and that "audio/oss" is compiled 
from source.


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