Trouble building ffmpeg-3.4_3,1 in poudriere

Naram Qashat cyberbotx at
Mon Dec 11 23:33:54 UTC 2017

On 2017-12-11 17:03, Jan Beich wrote:
> Naram Qashat <cyberbotx at> writes:
>> Hello all,
>> I'm not exactly sure when I started running into this problem, but
>> recently when I try to build ffmpeg in poudriere, it fails in
>> packaging saying that the shared libraries are not found. For example,
>> instead of getting
>> I am getting
> Can you try the following? 57 is derived from _VERSION_MAJOR.
> $ cd /usr/ports/multimedia/ffmpeg
> $ make clean patch BATCH=
> $ cd `make -V WRKSRC`
> $ sh ffbuild/ avcodec libavcodec/version.h
> libavcodec_VERSION=57.107.100
> libavcodec_VERSION_MAJOR=57
> libavcodec_VERSION_MINOR=107

Running that command does bring up the proper output, so considering the 
next part of the reply...

>> Here is my poudriere log:
> [...]
>> (00:02:32) ./ffbuild/ avcodec libavcodec/version.h > 
>> libavcodec/libavcodec.version
>> (00:02:32) /bin/sh: ./ffbuild/ not found
> Check which line causes "not found" e.g., by inserting "set -x" at the
> start of the script.

I didn't insert the set -x, but I think this might be a different 
problem with the environment of my system, one that I cannot reproduce 
in a VM. I can't seem to run shell scripts that lack the shebang at the 
start of them. I had the same problem with graphics/graphviz and 
currently use a local patch to get around that one. I'm not exactly sure 
what would cause my system to not want to run those scripts without the 
shebang. My shell on my host side is csh, but I have the same problem 
even if I am in the sh shell instead.

Naram Qashat

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