watching TV streams with FreeBSD

Matthias Apitz guru at
Tue Apr 4 11:05:45 UTC 2017


Due to changes in the German TV broadcasting I'm in the need to switch
from TV to Internet live streams.

I have a laptop for this running CURRENT and ports from beginning of
March. The desktop is KDE-4.14. I can connect my big TV device nicely to
the VGA port and the desktop expands to a second scree of 1980x1020,
both screen (i.e. the LCD of the laptop and the VGA) are connected and I
can drag any app, for example firefox, to the VGA (i.e. TV), bring the
window there in fullscreen mode and watch the show.

What I would like to have, get it more handy for my family (kids), i.e.:

- the control (level of audio, start/stop) remains on the LCD of the laptop
- the picture should "jump" somehow automagically to the VGA screen and
  there into fullscreen mode (with having to drag the moues pointer to there
  and marking the fullscreen button)
- and ofcourse some kind of play-lists (i.e. live channels) to switch

Any ideas for this?


Matthias Apitz, ✉ guru at, ⌂  ☎ +49-176-38902045

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