Update avidemux to 2.6.12

Andrew Terekhov andrew.v.terekhov at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 04:07:51 UTC 2016


Thanks a lot for supporting avidemux on FreeBSD. I'm wondering if there are
plans to update it to the latest stable version 2.6.12? With the current
2.6.11 sometimes saved video is truncated, while 2.6.12 suffers less from
it (tested on Fedora 24).

Also why there is no option in Video Output Mpeg4 (x264) while x264 is
enabled when building avidemux?

In Audio Output there is no Mp3 (lame) format while LAME option is ON.

BTW should I post these questions rather in FreeBSD forums instead of
through emails?

Thank you very much,

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