[Bug 209722] multimedia/vlc multimedia/vlc-qt4: Problems building with libc++ 3.8.0

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Work around atomic redeclarations in vlc

Here is a first proposed patch, which is not very elegant, but it works for me
in the following scenarios:
- Using clang on head with the old libc++ (approximately 3.7.0)
- Using clang on head with the new libc++ 3.8.0
- Using ports gcc on head with its copy of libstdc++

patch-include_vlc__atomic.h defines a special case for when libc++ 3.8.0 is
used: then it includes <atomic>, and specifies a few atomic_xxx types (there
were just three needed to make everything compile successfully).

patch-include_vlc__playlist.h and patch-include_vlc__sout.h move including of
system and vlc headers to _before_ any 'extern "C" {' statement.  Otherwise
inclusion of C++ headers within those system or vlc headers will basically
explode with zillions of errors.

patch-modules_gui_qt4_dialogs_messages.hpp fixes an inconsistency in the qt4
dialog messages class, where it tried to atomic_store an int into an unsigned

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