[Bug 205878] multimedia/mkvtoolnix: Pkg not found, Port fails to build on FreeNAS 9.3.1

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Tue Jan 5 17:24:48 UTC 2016


--- Comment #9 from Thomas Zander <riggs at FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to andrew from comment #8)

>From your screenshot I take it you did not set up poudriere to build ports.
Please consider doing that, it's the right tool for the job, see

For now, if you want to get a log of the build process you could use script(1)
to generate a log of your terminal session, have a look at "man script".

On an unrelated note, my guess is that you have not started with a clean build
environment before trying this build of mkvoolnix 8.7.0.

- Ensure you have updated your entire ports tree.
- Perform a "make clean" in /usr/ports/multimedia/mkvtoolnix
- Then perform "make" in /usr/ports/multimedia/mkvtoolnix

By the way, building all the ports inside the ports tree may not be optimal
since cleaning the tree via (cd /usr/ports && make clean) takes forever.
Consider setting WRKDIRPREFIX=/path/to/your/preferred/portbuild/directory in
make.conf. That makes cleaning the build environment easier and quicker as 'rm
-rf /path/to/your/preferred/portbuild/directory/*' usually suffices.

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