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Jan Beich jbeich at
Wed Feb 3 17:59:34 UTC 2016

Marco Beishuizen <mbeis at> writes:

> So I would like to get it to work with OSS.

virtual_oss seems to be a loopback driver useful for PCM
post-processing, input redirection, etc. If you already run a sound
server it often can do the same albeit with higher latency and more

Firefox Hello (like most telephony apps) allow you to choose audio input e.g,
webcam mic vs. soundcard mic. No need for virtual_oss.

> And I get the feeling that it should be relatively easy because input
> works with uTox after a small change in a config file.

uTox uses OpenAL which has OSS backend. However, WebRTC uses its own
library called audio_device which only has the following backends:

- PulseAudio
- sndio (since ff45, sndio -> alsa not tested)
- OpenSL
- Windows Core Audio
- Core Audio
- AV Foundation
- dummy (used by Chromium)

Feel free to implement OpenAL backend. ;)

If you don't like PulseAudio maybe try lightweight wrappers: (pulse -> oss) (pulse -> alsa)
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