maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 215402] multimedia/ffmpeg: only use vendor optimizations, dropping -ffast-math

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Bug 215402: multimedia/ffmpeg: only use vendor optimizations, dropping

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configure has --enable-optimizations (default) which includes -O3
-fomit-frame-pointer. Together with unconditional stripping it breaks unwinding
as used by pmcstat/dtrace or -fsanitize=address. Rather than add PROFILE option
let's use OPTIMIZED_CFLAGS to control vendor optimizations. But doing so
induces POLA as -ffast-math from ports r69328 would contaminate defaults or
left out.

In my opinion, extra optimization flags should not leave make.conf. Vendor
doesn't test those, so having in port adds to maintenance to check with
clang/gcc or on different release/architecture tuples.

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