[CFT] New version of webcamd, now v4.8.0.2

Hans Petter Selasky hps at selasky.org
Fri Aug 19 13:48:24 UTC 2016

On 08/19/16 15:42, Otacílio wrote:
> Dears, I'm facing a huge CPU usage in the follow scenario:
> I'm using a 11.0-RC1 amd64 in vbox guest. The virtualbox-ose-additions
> is 5.0.26. When I'm sharing my notebook integrated webcam with guest I
> noted a increase of kernel CPU usage.  But, when I open the webcam the
> CPU usage increases at a point that the machine starts to freeze. The
> camera works but the frame rate is low. I was using the version from
> ports with this behavior but this new version stay with the same
> problem. If I remember, with virtualbox series 4 this problem not
> happens.  So, can it be a webcamd or is really a new version of
> virtualbox problem?

What does "top" say about webcamd's CPU usage?

Maybe it is a problem inside the USB emulation in VBOX, that some 
functions become expensive.


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