maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 204511] multimedia/ffmpeg: add more options for codecs in port libraries

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Bug 204511: multimedia/ffmpeg: add more options for codecs in port libraries

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Build log:
All dependencies are also present in branches/2015Q4.

STRIP=off use case: profiling with pmcstat or dtrace.

$ make showconfig (defaults)
     BS2B=off: Bauer Stereophonic-to-Binaural filter
     CACA=off: libcaca graphics library support
     DC1394=off: IIDC-1394 grabbing using libdc1394
     FLITE=off: Voice synthesis support via libflite
     FRIBIDI=off: Bidirectional text support via GNU FriBidi
     GME=off: Game Music Emu demuxer
     ILBC=off: Internet Low Bit Rate codec
     LADSPA=off: LADSPA audio plugins support
     OPENCL=off: Heterogeneous computing via OpenCL
     OPENGL=off: 2D/3D rendering support via OpenGL
     QUVI=off: Flash media stream URLs
     RTCPU=on: Detect CPU capabilities at runtime
     SNAPPY=off: Snappy compression library support
     SSH=off: SSH protocol support
     STRIP=on: Strip binaries before installation
     TWOLAME=off: TwoLAME MP2 audio encoder support
     VIDSTAB=off: Video stabilization filter
     WAVPACK=off: WavPack lossless audio format support
     WEBP=off: WebP image format support
     XCB=on: X11 grabbing using XCB
     ZMQ=off: Message passing via libzmq4
     ZVBI=off: Teletext support via libzvbi

ffmpeg-2.8 also supports the following codecs but their implementations aren't
in ports or I couldn't find:

  --enable-libdcadec	   enable DCA decoding via libdcadec [no]
  --enable-libiec61883	   enable iec61883 via libiec61883 [no]
  --enable-libkvazaar	   enable HEVC encoding via libkvazaar [no]
  --enable-libmfx	   enable HW acceleration through libmfx
  --enable-libnut	   enable NUT (de)muxing via libnut,
			   native (de)muxer exists [no]
  --enable-libshine	   enable fixed-point MP3 encoding via libshine [no]
  --enable-libsoxr	   enable Include libsoxr resampling [no]
  --enable-libutvideo	   enable Ut Video encoding and decoding via libutvideo
  --enable-libxavs	   enable AVS encoding via xavs [no]
  --enable-nvenc	   enable NVIDIA NVENC support [no]

NVENC requires which internally depends on
and thus NOT provided by x11/nvidia-driver. Linuxulator may help but then one
needs recent videocard to avoid "CreateInputBuffer failed" and in linux64 case
also fixing to avoid "dl_fn->cu_init(0) - failed with error code
0x3e7" (aka CUDA_ERROR_UNKNOWN).

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