maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 204204] [UPDATE] multimedia/gstreamer1 to 1.6.1 and related plugins

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Bug 204204: [UPDATE] multimedia/gstreamer1 to 1.6.1 and related plugins

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Patch to update multimedia/gstreamer1

- Update to 1.6.1 core, plugins, python bindings, editing-service and RTSP
- Fix spelling GStreamer instead Gstreamer in COMMENT and pkg-descr
- Fix typo for multimedia/py3-gstreamer1 (it's py3kplist in USE_PYTHON)
- In some pkg-plist replace %%VERSION%% macro for gir-1.0/ and
girepository-1.0/ directories (version depends of API of GObject introspection
not GStreamer's API)

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