KDE && jackd flag -l (was: kbiff && zombies)

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Fri Jun 5 18:06:46 UTC 2015

I have modified the shell wrapper script for jackd as:


printf "\nnew jackd call, pid: %d\n" $$ >> /tmp/jackd
echo args: $0 $* >> /tmp/jackd
/usr/local/bin/jackd.bin $* &
echo last pg pid: $! >> /tmp/jackd
ps axl >> /tmp/jackd

and it turns out that all KDE components, already on KDE start the
/usr/local/bin/knotify4, are calling jackd as

	/usr/local/bin/jackd -l

which is fine according the man page of jackd:

    -l, --listen-port int
            The socket port we are listening on for sync
            packets (default: 3000)

but the source of jackd implements with -l only the printout of the
current working directory and exit(0):

                case 'l':                                                                           
                        /* special flag to allow libjack to determine                               
                         * jackd's idea of where tmpdir is */                                       
                        printf ("%s\n", jack_tmpdir);                                               
                        exit (0);

I have search in the KDE sources, without any luck, where 'jackd -l' is
issued to understand the problem; no luck; and for the moment I only can
say that there is some missimplementation, either in KDE or in jackd.

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