Suspend/resume screen issue

Eric McCorkle eric at
Tue Jul 14 00:42:42 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

I've got a long-standing issue where my screen won't come back on after
a resume (Lenovo W540, haswell graphics).  The conditions are a bit weird:

* The screen used to come back up with sc in pixel mode, until r274386.
 Log output shows the VGA driver failing to save the state after that
patch (the patch affects how devices are powered down/up, but it's not
immediately obvious how this translates into the vga driver failing to
save its state)

* The screen never worked with vt, either with vga or efifb, or with sc
in text mode.  This further suggests some kind of issue with saving and
restoring video state.

Based on these clues, I'd say the video state isn't getting saved and
restored properly (there aren't any messages in the logs with vt about
saving and restoring video state, so I can't tell).  Is this reasoning
completely off?  If not, what would be the best way to go about further
diagnosing the issue based on this evidence?


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