[Bug 199279] multimedia/mplayer DTS problem/request back libdca support

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Sun Apr 12 04:03:50 UTC 2015


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(In reply to Thomas Zander from comment #1)
I think it work with libdts(renamed to libdca) 10 year ago...
Since libdts and liba52 is removed mplayer can't to play MPEG-2 part 3/7 and
maybe AC3 too.

- remove dependency on liba52 as this is handled by internal libavcodec

Remove libdts support (this is now done by ffmpeg) [1]
- Fix libcdio dependency [2]

It's maybe done by ffmpeg but extra plugin with DTS support isn't ported to
FreeBSD so it's a little problem...
No, I can't provide file because I don't record it but you can find a lot of
examples MPEG-2 by using one of supported site by livesteamer:

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