[Bug 198758] multimedia/mpv don't start/crash 100% times

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Fri Apr 10 21:29:13 UTC 2015


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Dunno, I was just trying to help.

There are a lot of different possibilities on what's really is going on. They
can be tested but this will take time. I can't really say what was the culprit

1. Try to select one way - use packages or ports. This is not rule of thumb,
this way you can have more consistent setup.

2. What is your CPU exactly? Clang had some problems compiling for older i386
CPUs. You can try playing with CPUTYPE in /etc/make.conf by setting it to
'native', or some older variant of your current core.

3. You can also play with GCC. To build port with GCC you need to set
USE_GCC=yes before building it.

4. Your stacktrace is useless as it was generated for another binary. And
installed binary actually has no debug information. Comment out 'post-stage:'
target in Makefile to not strip it and try again.

@gblach: maybe it would be nice to add DEBUG option to install unstripped

5. The error can originate from some other library which mpv only uses.
Probably this would mean we need to repeat steps 2 and 3 on that library. To
understand which library is source of problems we need to obtain a good
stacktrace at least with function names.

6. Instead of using GCC you can try using more fresh clang, like lang/clang36.
For that instead of setting USE_GCC set CC=clang36 and try building port that

The worst thing here is that we actually can't reproduce this problem as it's
nailing down to your (or default) compiler producing code that is not suitable
to run on your CPU.

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