snd_hda doesn't automatic switch output between headphone and speaker on Macbook Pro 2012

Ajtim lumiwa at
Wed May 28 08:59:08 UTC 2014

On Wednesday 28 May 2014 16:22:42 suken woo wrote:
>  hi all:
> just setting on /boot/loader.conf below
> hw.snd.default_unit="3"
> hint.hdaa.1.gpio_config="3=set"
> hint.hdaa.1.nid11.config="as=0"
> speaker works with very good sound quality.headphone have no sound but
> sounds still came out of speaker
> when I plug in earphones.
> if I set hint.hdaa.1.nid9.config="as=1" on loader.conf file
> sounds come out from both speaker and headphone.
> any trick to overwrite the pins configuration and make it works as
> expected?
> cat /dev/sndstat
> pcm0: <NVIDIA (0x0042) (HDMI/DP 8ch)> (play)
> pcm1: <NVIDIA (0x0042) (HDMI/DP 8ch)> (play)
> pcm2: <NVIDIA (0x0042) (HDMI/DP 8ch)> (play)
> pcm3: <Cirrus Logic CS4206 (Internal Analog Speaker)> (play) default
> pcm4: <Cirrus Logic CS4206 (Analog Headphones)> (play)
> pcm5: <Cirrus Logic CS4206 (Digital)> (play)

I had the same problem on my iMc 11, about one year.
pcm0: <ATI R6xx (HDMI)> (play)
pcm1: <Cirrus Logic CS4206 (Analog 6ch/2.0)> (play/rec) default
pcm2: <Cirrus Logic CS4206 (Rear Analog Line-in)> (rec)
pcm3: <Cirrus Logic CS4206 (Rear Digital)> (play/rec)

And as I know is the problem with drivers. I gave up and I use headphones.
BTW: On Linux works without problems.


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