hdhomerun & dvr - prefer tvheadend

John-Mark Gurney jmg at funkthat.com
Thu Mar 27 16:29:43 UTC 2014

Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote this message on Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 21:30 +0100:
> On Tue, 4 Feb 2014 14:32:11 -0800
> John-Mark Gurney <jmg at funkthat.com> wrote:
> > It may not be that hard... I've written a python wrapper around the
> > hdhomerun library, and I have also written a python wrapper around
> > cuse4bsd...  The hard part would be understanding what Linux does,
> > and what it needs to return...
> Has anybody gotten any further with HDHomeRun on FreeBSD?
> I now have a HDHomeRun 4DC[1]...

Well, I use the HDHomeRun on FreeBSD on a daily basis, but just by
using my hdhomerun.py and other software, and not using a special

> > I can provide either/both python wrappers upon request...
> Could I have them, please?
> References:
> 1) http://www.silicondust.com/products/hdhomerun/hdhomerun-4dc/


I've put the hdhomerun.py up at:

Just make sure that libhdhomerun.so is either in the same directory
as hdhomerun.py or in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH and it should be picked

cuse4bsd.py is at:

This has not been extensively tested, but worked for the provided test

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