livestreamer port; anyone want to help porting python-librtmp?

Juergen Lock nox at
Thu Nov 28 23:25:10 UTC 2013


 I wanted to watch the spacex launch (still not launched), found out
that the usual flash stream,

needs chrome/windows flash that we don't have (with flash11 it only
plays for 10 or so seconds then stops until you hit reload) and so
I wanted to try livestreamer:

 I know nothing about python porting but looking at other ports and
with a bit of help from #freebsd-python I came up with this port:

which works for this stream: (by default it pipes to vlc)

	livestreamer 432p

 It didn't work for other streams like from ustream [1], said it
needs python-librtmp which I couldn't install via pip (devel/py-pip)

 Soo, anyone want to port python-librtmp (and cffi)? :)


[1] List of streams/plugins:

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