DVB-T Stick and SDR Software

Juergen Lock nox at jelal.kn-bremen.de
Sat Nov 23 17:14:09 UTC 2013

In article <20131118082903.GB32749 at sh4-5.1blu.de> you write:
>There is a DVB-T USB dongel
>DVB-T Digital RTL2832U / E4000 MPEG4 TV Tuner DAB SDR for PC Laptop Wins 7
>which works between 50 and 2200 MHz, and an additional converter
>construction set which shifts the frequency between 1 and 50 MHz (i.e.
>the 80m, 40m, ... bands) into 110++ Mhz and one can receive the amateur
>radio bands:
>(it's in German, but may be you get the idea from the movie in this
>What I would like to know is:
>1) Is the above dongel supported by our webcamd?
>2) Is there any SDR (Software Defined Radio) which could be used in
>FreeBSD with this?
>3) Any other similiar projects or other USB dongels in our beloved FreeBSD?
That stick sound like it could be supported by comms/rtlsdr and
related ports (I remember gqrx for gnuradio and gr-osmosdr; jsdr,
dabstick-radio, maybe more.)

 And btw comms/rtlsdr talks to the stick directly i.e. not via
the Linux dvb drivers run by webcamd; I need to temporarily
unplug my stick before webcamd will work again for it after I
used it for sdr...

 HTH, :)

PS: There are a few more rtl28xxu sticks listed on the wiki that I
tested for this: (look for rtl28xxu)


And there are longer lists here: (comms/rtlsdr is the same as used
on Linux so they `should' all work as indicated)




PPS: If you just want to listen to shortwave or mw as received from
the Netherlands and don't have an rtl stick + downconverter there
also is websdr that just works in a (recent enough) browser w/o
extra hw:


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