snd_envy24{,ht} recording support?

David Demelier demelier.david at
Thu Mar 21 14:06:12 UTC 2013

Le jeudi 21 mars 2013 04:25:57 Lev Serebryakov a écrit :
> Hello, David.
> You wrote 20 марта 2013 г., 13:21:21:
> DD> There are good mother boards with snd_hda and 7.1 so I think it should
> DD> be efficient.
>  Please, name one. With two crystals and true 44.1Khz output?

That one has 7.1 and S/PDIF. Of course it does not have true 44.1Khz I guess, 
but for end users like me who just have 5.1 speakers it's enough.

I would like a great card because I'm a music fan and guitarist (always wanter 
a studio for home but my wallet does not allow that). Unfortunately the 
support of good ones in FreeBSD is poor so for now I just keep my Creative 


David Demelier

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