jack midi and lmms

Rodrigo OSORIO rodrigo at bebik.net
Fri Jun 7 10:03:11 UTC 2013

On 06/07/13 11:49, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> On 06/07/13 11:43, Shane Ambler wrote:
>>  From my earlier post I get the idea that while usb-midi on freebsd may
>> technically work it doesn't fit into the standard midi device lists so
>> doesn't "just work" like an old midi device. I'm not sure what midi
>> device support used to be like with sound cards but it appears that
>> traditional midi support is not very common.
>> It looks like jack is the only usb-midi support that we have, which
>> currently means hydrogen is the only app supporting it (apart from the
>> jack examples)
>> So I have started adding jack midi support to lmms. I have basic midi
>> input mostly working - that is soundfont and zynaddsubfx cause lmms to
>> freeze on jack-midi input but all others appear to work fine.
>> Anyone interested in helping/debugging? Am I the only one that wants to
>> use this? Is there any interest in jack midi support for other apps?
> Hi Shane,
> This sounds very interesting. You know there are many examples how you 
> can do the JACK MIDI interface part, like jack_umidi, jack_ghero, 
> jack-keyboard etc, in ports. I'm not an expert about the LMMS MIDI 
> subsystem, but would like to test any patches!
> --HPS
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Hi guys,

As lmms port maintainer, even if I'm not a lmms "expert", I would be 
pleased to be in the loop
and help you to test patches, and, final step, integrate them in the 
port itself.

Best regards
- rodrigo

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