jack midi and lmms

Shane Ambler FreeBSD at ShaneWare.Biz
Fri Jun 7 09:43:17 UTC 2013

 From my earlier post I get the idea that while usb-midi on freebsd may
technically work it doesn't fit into the standard midi device lists so
doesn't "just work" like an old midi device. I'm not sure what midi
device support used to be like with sound cards but it appears that
traditional midi support is not very common.

It looks like jack is the only usb-midi support that we have, which
currently means hydrogen is the only app supporting it (apart from the
jack examples)

So I have started adding jack midi support to lmms. I have basic midi
input mostly working - that is soundfont and zynaddsubfx cause lmms to
freeze on jack-midi input but all others appear to work fine.

Anyone interested in helping/debugging? Am I the only one that wants to
use this? Is there any interest in jack midi support for other apps?

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