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> > i am out of current knowledge about common TV for about 10 years.
> >
> > Currently in Poland there is aerial TV broadcasted in DVB-T standard.
> > There are TVs with builtin decoder/demodulator or separate
> > decoders/demodulator with HDMI output.
> >
> > But how about just receiving demodulated data and letting mplayer play it,
> > and - most importantly - recording it directly. I know there are USB
> > receivers on market.
> >
> > Are such devices supported under FreeBSD? if so -  what driver, what
> > chipset to look when buying such a thing? any other recommendation.

Another option is webcamd (in ports) - it supports a whole lot of usb devices, through their linux drivers.
I currently have an older version installed on this machine:
root at kg-v2# portversion -v webcamd
webcamd-             =  up-to-date with port 

tingo at kg-v2$ apropos webcamd | grep -i dvb
a800(4)                  - webcamd driver for AVerMedia AverTV A800 DVB-T receiver
af9005(4)                - webcamd driver for Afatech 9005 DVB-T receiver
af9015(4)                - webcamd driver for Afatech 9015 DVB-T receiver
au6610(4)                - webcamd driver for AU6610 DVB-T
ce6230(4)                - webcamd driver for Intel CE6230 DVB-T
cinergy(4)               - webcamd driver for Cinergy T2/qanu DVB-T
cxusb(4)                 - webcamd driver for Conexant USB DVB
digitv(4)                - webcamd driver for Nebula Electronics uDigiTV DVB-T
dtt200u(4)               - webcamd driver for DTT200U DVB-T devices
dtv5100(4)               - webcamd driver for AME DTV-5100 DVB-T
dw2102(4)                - webcamd driver for DVBWorld and TeVii DVB-S/S2
ec168(4)                 - webcamd driver for EC168 DVB-T
gp8psk(4)                - webcamd driver for GENPIX DVB-S
m920x(4)                 - webcamd driver for m920x DVB-T
nova-t(4)                - webcamd driver for NOVA-T DVB-T
opera(4)                 - webcamd driver for Opera1 DVB-S
ttusb2(4)                - webcamd driver for Technotrend DVB
umt(4)                   - webcamd driver for UMT-010 DVB-T
vp702x(4)                - webcamd driver for TwinhanDTV StarBox DVB-S
vp7045(4)                - webcamd driver for TwinhanDTV DVB-T
webcamd(8)               - daemon to provide access to USB webcam and DVB devices

as for recording and viewing TV, ports also have Freevo, MythTV, VDR and XBMC.

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