Could not build multimedia/transcode

Kevin Oberman rkoberman at
Sat Dec 28 20:14:12 UTC 2013

After upgrading to FreeBSD 10.0-RC3, I attempted to re-build transcode. It
failed when it was unable to find #include <freetype/ftglyph.h>.  As far as
I know, that file is located in /usr/local/freetype2. After editing
filter/subtitler/load_font.c to add the '2', it built.

I am not positive that this is the correct fix, but I did not see ftglyph.h
in hte paking list for print/freetype, so that is my best guess. Since I
don't deal with subtitles when using transcode, I am not likely to confirm
its correctness. (My source material lacks subtitles.)

I have submitted ports/185248 with my patch that appears to fix the problem.

Thanks for maintaining this port. I really appreciate the efforts of those
who do this!
R. Kevin Oberman, Network Engineer
E-mail: rkoberman at

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