mythbackend and webcamd startup issue

Juergen Lock nox at
Fri Sep 14 17:59:43 UTC 2012

On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 09:43:59AM +0930, Benjamin Close wrote:
> Hi All,

>      I've got a dual tv tuner card I'm using with mythtv.

 (Which one btw?)

>  The problem I 
> have is at boot time, despite webcamd starting first, by the time 
> mythbackend starts the device nodes (/dev/dvb/adapter[0|1]) haven't been 
> created. Hence mythbackend claims there is no tuners. A simple: service 
> mythbackend restart  fixes the problem. Has anyone else faced this same 
> issue and worked out a correct fix (rather than a @reboot cron job).

 Yeah webcamd is unusual in that it's device nodes (/dev/video..
/dev/dvb...) appear with a delay after it's rc script is run so
depending on that in the mythbackend rc script won't work (also
because webcamd is actually started via devd not from init I think.)

 The way I worked around this for vdr is by adding an rcvar vdr_waitdvb
defaulting to yes that causes the vdr rc script to start vdr via a
wrapper script /usr/local/bin/vdr-waitdvb that waits for /dev/dvb
nodes to appear, see:




 HTH, :)  (mythtv maintainer Cc'd)

PS:  Btw this can still be improved in that doing "service vdr stop"
while it's still waiting for dvb nodes to appear won't work yet...

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