baresip (was Re: Ekiga && FreeBSD (for a future without Skype)

Matthias Apitz guru at
Mon Sep 3 12:51:31 UTC 2012

El día Monday, September 03, 2012 a las 01:39:47PM +0100, Chris Rees escribió:

> Oh dear... that's the problem.  As Matthias has pointed out, the libs must
> be in /usr/lib32.
> The other problem is that you're obviously not running CURRENT, so
> Matthias's libssl version does not match yours.


> Matthias, did you get v4l2 working, and if so, how?

I have the following lines in the config:

$ egrep 'video|v4' .baresip/config
video_dev               /dev/video0
video_size              352x288
video_bitrate           384000
video_fps               25
#video_selfview         window # {window,pip}

and when I press 'v' it starts the video loop as:

Enable video-loop on /dev/video0: 352 x 288
v4l2: open video source: 352 x 288
/dev/video0: found valid V4L2 device (352 x 288) pixfmt=YU12
Current input: Camera 1

and I can seeme fine;

as I said, I compiled v0.4.0 directly from the sources, just the normal way:

$ ./configure
$ make
# make install

I do not remember (and can't check it now) if I set some special flags
in ./configure, will check later at home;


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