Juergen Lock nox at
Sun Sep 2 17:56:55 UTC 2012

On Sun, Sep 02, 2012 at 06:55:24PM +0200, emmh wrote:
> Hi,
> I ran into the proplems with the mmx and sse thing.
> According to it's a gcc 4.2.1
> problem so I switched to gcc 4.4*, changed the Makefile (commented out
> the --disable-mmx...) and it seems to build here (Pentium III
> (1002.30-MHz 686-class CPU).
> Maybe it is possible to enable these features for gcc 4.4 (or higher?)?
> make is still running (remember the cpu above), I'll report.

Heh I just came to the same thought without actually having
seen that ticket, I suggested the guy that originally reported
the issue to try:

	USE_GCC?=	4.6+

like also the mplayer port (optionally) uses.  And for 9.x and up
it may also make sense to try:

	CC=	clang
	CXX=	clang++

like the mplayer port also does.

 If both of these work I guess we could just (more or less) copy
the logic from the mplayer port...

 Thanx, :)

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