Support for "old" hardware (was:Re: kern/148741: [sound] Headphones are deaf (do not work) on Lenovo ThinkPad X300)

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Wed Nov 28 06:32:00 UTC 2012

On Tue, 2012-11-27 at 18:11 -0500, Dieter BSD wrote:
> Better watch out, or the doctors will say that your body is too old to
> spend their time fixing.

We already live in such societies.

At some point there's not enough manpower to support everything, but I
agree, there are so many usages for old computers and there are still
many people who continue using QL emulations and stuff like this.

In the past computers were tools, nowadays most computers are toys.
Promotion does awake needs of stupid people. The funny thing is that
this already started in the past. A stupid teacher once said, that the
C64 is a toy and PCs are real computers. Nonsense! It depends to the
usage. You can use the C64 and other simple computers for serious work
and you can play nutty games on the best computer hardware available.

Btw. old parallel ports did support relatively good MIDI, IIRC Ac'97.
Regarding to the jitter, no serious professional musician will use USB

Fortunately we've PCI, but here the problem is, that PCI will die out
and for FLOSS this is an issue, because new hardware unlikely is

On my machine there are still two Envy24 PCI cards mounted, but my new
PCIe card, a RME HDSPe AIO is only pseudo-supported, the reason for me
to take a look at FreeBSD.

Drivers are a serious issue or FLOSS :(.

2 Cents,

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