avidemux port

gabor at zahemszky.hu gabor at zahemszky.hu
Tue Nov 13 18:11:03 UTC 2012


 I've just found, that in the multimedia/avidemux2/Makefile.common file, 
 there are these lines:

 # We haven't ALSA(Never) & Aften(Yet) on FreeBSD

 Well, as I've "ported" it to FreeBSD (it's in audio/aften), I think, it 
 should be corrected,
 and maybe make it to an option. (With aften, somebody can make A-52 (or 
 as they call it:
 AC-3 or DolbyDigital) encoded files from WAV-files.)


 ZAHEMSZKY, Gabor < Gabor at Zahemszky dot HU >

 PS: By the way, there are audio/alsa-{lib,utils,plugins} too

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