Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Sun Nov 11 02:10:12 UTC 2012

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Matthias Apitz <guru at> wrote:

>I have installed xrandr 1.3.x but do not see how to use this with the
>external VGA TV; my laptop uses 1024x600 and the TV has 1920x1080
>resolution; when I connect the TV before starting X11/KDE both screens
>show the same picture with 800x600 resolution; can you please give an
>example how to use 1920x1080 on the TV? Thanks

Did you try this?

  xrandr --size 1920x1080

If so, what happened when you did?

Also, if you just run xrandr with no options, then what prints out?

(Hint:  The output should show you all available resolutions for each
screen you have attached.)

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