CFT: vlc 2.0.3 - want to know where it works and where only partly

Juergen Lock nox at
Tue Jul 31 18:31:39 UTC 2012

In article <6721404.6TN6vjRsm3 at> you write:
>Op ma 30 jul 2012 21:15:15 schreef Juergen Lock:
>> Hi!
>>  I had been testing vlc 2.0.x on and off on 8.2 with older ports
>> and never could get native video to work (tho audio-only files and
>> videos via SDL work), and now I updated that port to 2.0.3 and
>> thought why not test it on the laptop that I recently updated to
>> 9.1 beta and more up to date ports, and guess what, there it works
>> just fine!! :)
>>  So now before we can update the port (and at least for a while
>> keep the old port as vlc-legacy; I already talked with the maintainer
>> who has little time atm) we need to know what to note in the 2.x
>> port about when ppl should expect it to work, so testers on various
>> FreeBSD versions are needed.
>First off my compliments for picking this up.
>I for one rather not see a vlc-legacy port. Upstream supports just the one 
>version and so should we.
I only got success reports so far, also for 8.x, so maybe we can
in fact do this...  (I.e. it looks like it was something in dependent
ports that fixed native video?)

>You've marked liveMedia broken, but the update for that is basically done, see 
>its commit history:
 Ah thx, missed that. :)  Patch below.

>People using multimedia/phonon-vlc should include this in their testing, for 
>this purpose the ABI version number for VLC has to be removed from 
 Looks like makc already fixed this:

>I suggest you distribute a patch here that handles all three simultaneously, 
>after that has been tested on as many versions and archs as possible a 
>comprehensive UPDATING message can be constructed and where necessary VLC can 
>be marked broken, but I suspect there will not be much breakage (Wether or not 
>you require SDL for video output can be noted in UPDATING).
 It seems we still need testers on 7.x now wrt. the video breakage
(if there are even still people left that use a 7.x desktop...)

>I used your patch on my 8.3-RELEASE-p3 amd64 headless box where VLC is used to 
>record Axis securityfeeds, so no testing of output there, but what needs to 
>work, works.
>My 9.0-RELEASE-p3 amd64 desktop (with nVidia graphics) has been running VLC 2 
>problem free for six months now, ever since that was requested of me when 
>filing a bug + patch @ videolan. It's set for native video output, I can't 
>remember having used another setting.
>I haven't (yet) used your patch on this box, as it was already running 2.0.3. 
>Phonon-vlc also works on this box.
>All ports are up-to-date for both mentioned boxes.

 New patches here, please also test with phonon-vlc if you use it:


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