CFT: vlc 2.0.3 - want to know where it works and where only partly

Juergen Lock nox at
Mon Jul 30 19:18:14 UTC 2012


 I had been testing vlc 2.0.x on and off on 8.2 with older ports
and never could get native video to work (tho audio-only files and
videos via SDL work), and now I updated that port to 2.0.3 and
thought why not test it on the laptop that I recently updated to
9.1 beta and more up to date ports, and guess what, there it works
just fine!! :)

 So now before we can update the port (and at least for a while
keep the old port as vlc-legacy; I already talked with the maintainer
who has little time atm) we need to know what to note in the 2.x
port about when ppl should expect it to work, so testers on various
FreeBSD versions are needed.

 So if you test it please report:

- your FreeBSD version/arch and src svn rev/date of checkout (if
  head or stable)

- how old the rest of your installed ports are

- your video hardware (tho that's probably less relevant since
  it worked via remote X also displaying on the 8.2 box from the
  9.1 one and the other way around it also didn't work; the 8.2 box
  has radeon and the 9.1 nvidia)

- and whether native video output works (if it doesn't playback
  will stop right away; audio-only files should always work, also
  changing video output to SDL should)

 And here is the patch:

	Juergen (and jsa :)

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