gstreamer* ports all have the same UNIQUENAME and OPTIONSFILE ??

Doug Barton dougb at
Tue Jul 3 23:43:37 UTC 2012


Trying to track down a bug reported by a portmaster user I've noticed
that all of the gstreamer* ports that I've checked so far all have the
same UNIQUENAME, and thus, the same OPTIONSFILE. AFAICS
gstreamer-plugins-all is the only port that sets OPTIONS, so in that
sense it's not an issue.

However, portmaster uses UNIQUENAME to determine the location to store a
file with the distfile info, and the fact that it's the same for every
port is creating a conflict. See for more information
about the concept.

This problem will theoretically go away if pkgng gets adopted, and I can
fix it for portmaster by moving the distfile file into /var/db/pkg where
I thought it should have been all along. But I thought I'd mention the
UNIQUENAME issue in case it's something that y'all want to address.



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