Welcome to Ardour 3 Beta 5 for FreeBSD

Mathias Picker Mathias.Picker at virtual-earth.de
Tue Dec 18 16:06:40 UTC 2012

Oh, and I'm building on 

mp# uname -a
FreeBSD mp.virtual-earth.de 9.1-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 9.1-PRERELEASE #29
r244186: Thu Dec 13 18:27:41 CET 2012
mathiasp at mp.virtual-earth.de:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  amd64

and had ardour3 b1 running just fine.

/ Mathias

Am Dienstag, den 18.12.2012, 12:19 -0200 schrieb Marcel Bonnet:
> Hi, folks.
> == Welcome to Ardour 3 Beta 5 for FreeBSD ==
> I'm announcing a port for Ardour 3 Beta 5 (revision 13072), the last
> beta before the 3.0-RELEASE.
> First, thanks to Juergen Lock for his Ardour 3 Beta 1 port. I evolved on
> the same Makefile and patches.
> == Notes ==
> Before proceding, a few notes:
> - Is this a port? In fact yes, but not "that port" because we must
> remember we're playing with a Beta application and because my goal was
> to build a functional preview of Ardour 3 and use the MIDI capabilities
> during my vacations over the next days! And now that it works, I wanna
> share my experience with you.
> - During Beta 1 phase the Ardour team was not supporting instalation, as
> mentioned by Juergen. I didn't check its status by now. So, we don't
> have a pkg-plist.
> - Because I made several tests before get it building, I removed the
> BUILD and LIB DEPENDS from the Makefile. Follow the instructions below
> if you miss something, but if you have Ardour 2 installed you shall
> probably have all dependencies.
> - You'll have to install the new ports below, wich are out of the ports
> tree at this time. None of them we're completed tested as described
> here: http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/porters-handbook/porting-testing.html
> but I made several "make install" and "make deinstall" on a production
> system and everything is ok until now!
> - You are recommended TO NOT TRY TO INSTALL this port because I don't
> know what may happen. Run it from the work directory after compilation.
> - All ports provided *may need some clean up* (Makefile, a pkg-plist
> verification would be nice, but I think they are OK) and maybe a BUILD
> DEPENDS list for the Makefile.
> Because I spent one week trying to port ardour 3 (I'm not a C/C++/port
> experienced, I'm newbie) and because I had so much problems with the
> waf's wscript I also tryied the base gcc (4.2.1), gcc 4.6 and clang.
> This port is configured to build with clang! My machine and clang:
> $ uname -a
> FreeBSD machine.STUDIO 9.0-STABLE FreeBSD 9.0-STABLE #0 r230443M: Sun
> Jan 22 18:46:00 BRST 2012
> root at machine.STUDIO:/usr/obj/usr/stable9/sys/MACHINE-9.0  i386
> $ clang --version
> FreeBSD clang version 3.0 (tags/RELEASE_30/final 145349) 20111210
> Target: i386-unknown-freebsd9.0
> Thread model: posix
> It seems that 64bit machines have SSE support enabled by default. If
> you running FreeBSD 64, you must have no problems.
> But the waf script (if I'm not wrong) was not telling the compiler that
> my *i386* has all SSE Features. That's why you can see that my
> wscript patch forces the script to set this features.
> It also seems that Ardour refuses to build without SSE.
> Juergen also noticed that we need a fix so the Makefile CFLAGS and
> CXXFLAGS are set by waf and then passed to the compiler.
> If you are more experienced, I invite you to test these ports and evolve
> them, so we must have a fresh Ardour 3.0 as soon as the ardour team
> release it.
> QUESTION: Would it be a nice moment for me to open some PRs to create
> this new ports? Should we test it a little more before ? I'm talking
> about the dependencies for ardour 3.0.
> == Dependencies ==
> Juergen made ports for LILV, SERD and SORD, but Ardour 3 b5 forced me
> to update them.
> Note that the ports tree provides a lv2-core package. Well, I said I'm
> not a C or Audio experienced programmer, but I realized that the
> lv2-core is just one part of the whole "lv2", wich includes the UI
> support. That's why I deinstalled my lv2-core from the system, ported a
> lv2 and installed. Even my Ardour 2.x is loading LV2 plugins now (but
> without LV2 UI). Ardour 3 is loading LV2 UIs.
> So I recommend you do the same: deinstall lv2-core befeore installing lv2
> because they install files in the same place.
> QUESTION: don't you think we could remove the lv2-core from the ports
> and replace it by the whole "lv2" ? It's the same, but with more features.
> Follow this order while installing these new ports.
> - serd-0-0.18.0       lightweight C library for RDF syntax
> - sord-0-0.10.4       lightweight C library for storing RDF data in memory
> - lv2-1.2.0           An extensible audio plugin interface
> - lilv-0.14.4         LV2 Plugin Support Library
> - suil-0.6.6 [1]          A lightweight C library for loading and
> wrapping LV2 plugin
> [1] If you tried to use the last suil-0.6.6 I mentioned a few days,
> replace it by this new one because there was an error with a pc file
>  (pkg-config) and ardour 3 would not find this package installed.
> And here are the links to those ports at one of my home pages:
> - www.linuxhomestudio.com.br/freebsd/ports/serd-0.shar
> - www.linuxhomestudio.com.br/freebsd/ports/sord-0.shar
> - www.linuxhomestudio.com.br/freebsd/ports/lv2.shar
> - www.linuxhomestudio.com.br/freebsd/ports/lilv-0.shar
> - www.linuxhomestudio.com.br/freebsd/ports/suil-0.shar
> - www.linuxhomestudio.com.br/freebsd/ports/ardour3b5.shar
> And finally, BUILD, DON'T INSTALL, Ardour 3 Beta 5.
> $ cd the directory you extracted the port
> $ make DISTDIR=/tmp configure
> 	To make sure this phase encounters everything it needs. If not, try
> 	to change the waf's wscript or something else. Ensure it finds
> 	lilv, lv2 and suil to build it with LV2 and LV2 UI support.
> $ make
> == Running ==
> $ cd yout port's path
> $ work/ardour-3.0-beta5-r13072/gtk2_ardour/ardev
> Ardour3.0beta5 (built using ['13072'] and GCC version 4.2.1 Compatible
> FreeBSD Clang 3.0 (tags/RELEASE_30/final 145349))
> [and the GUI is launched]
> == New Toys ==
> Install the audio/calf (calf plugins) now that you have LV2 and LV2 UI
> support.
> CALF provides good lv2 plugins, wonderful user interfaces inside ardour
> and even instrments (like a mono synth and more)
> == A Few Results ==
> I played my MIDI keyboard with a LV2 synth. It was possible to edit the
> midi track in a piano roll. I need to test linuxsampler as a plugin yet.
> I think Juergen said the tha Beta 1 was not loading LV2 UIs. Well, I'm
> happy to say that this version load 'em all! Try the CALF Plugins
> yourself (compressor, reverb ...).
> I posted a few screenshots. The UIs looks really cool, works well.
> LV2 plugins sounds even better than the old LADSPA.
> I didn't test all plugins, but the CALF compressor, reverb and mono synth
> are very good. The CALF organ crashed with Segmentation Fault. I had
> no time to investigate (it passed just a few hours since I finished
> this port!).
> == What if it doesn't work ==
> Then I'm so sorry. I have the same problem before. At least try to
> install the lv2 port above and recompile Ardour 2. You'll find your
> ardour2 loading CALF plugins (without the LV2 UI) :D
> == Related Resources ==
> - Juergen Lock's Ardour 3 Beta 1:
> http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-multimedia/2011-November/012575.html
> - SCREENSHOTS: http://linuxhomestudio.com.br/freebsd/articles/ardour3b5/ardour3b5.html
> Cheers,

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