M-Audio Transit USB offers mic but no rec device

Hans Petter Selasky hselasky at c2i.net
Wed Sep 7 19:42:13 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 07 September 2011 15:47:33 SolarCatcher wrote:
> Hi,
> this is my first post to this mailing list. I hope someone can help me
> with this question.
> A few days ago I first tried the new audio/madfufw ports and it works
> very nicely for playback. But I can't get the mic to work as rec device.
> With mixer I get the following:
> #mixer -f /dev/mixer1
> Mixer vol is currently set to 75:75
> Mixer pcm is currently set to 75:75
> Mixer mic is currently set to 100:100l 


> #mixer -f /dev/mixer1 -S =rec mic
> mixer: unknown recording device: mic

What does "mixer recsrc" output?

> The rest of the output (dmesg, sndstat, sysctl...) all looks like it
> should have rec capabilities. Is there any variable that I must manually
> enable to get the device to work for recording?

Try to enable "sysctl hw.usb.uaudio.debug=15". Then replug the device. Maybe 
some error messages are printed. Usually there is a USB command which switches 
the recording source. Also try to set the recording rate to 44100 by using:

sysctl hw.usb.uaudio.default_rate=44100

> Here is the output of the different commands:
> dmesg:
> uaudio0: <Transit USB> on usbus2
> uaudio0: Play: 48000 Hz, 2 ch, 16-bit S-LE PCM format
> uaudio0: Record: 48000 Hz, 2 ch, 16-bit S-LE PCM format
> uaudio0: No midi sequencer pcm1: <USB audio> on uaudio0
> cat /dev/sndstat
> FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm: 32bit 2009061500/i386)
> Installed devices:
> pcm0: <HDA Analog Devices AD1981HD PCM #0 Analog> (play/rec) default
> pcm1: <USB audio> (play/rec)
> sysctl
> dev.pcm.0.rec.vchans: 2 dev.pcm.0.rec.vchanmode: fixed
> dev.pcm.0.rec.vchanrate: 48000 dev.pcm.0.rec.vchanformat: s16le:2.0
> dev.pcm.1.rec.vchans: 1 dev.pcm.1.rec.vchanmode: fixed
> dev.pcm.1.rec.vchanrate: 48000 dev.pcm.1.rec.vchanformat: s16le:2.0
> Does anybody have an idea of how to get the Transit to work as rec
> device (or how what else to do with the mic device so that I can record
> something).


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