falshplayer10 && /tmp file system full

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Sat Sep 3 13:20:55 UTC 2011


Yesterday evening my wife complaint that she was unable to watch her
favored movies in YouTube within KDE's konqueror and flash10. Both we
run the same 9-CURRENT in our laptops and mine was working, in her the
flash only showed the moving circle but no picture. After some time of
checking I came to the idea to fire up konqueror from a xterm window to
see perhaps some messages, and yes, it just said repeating: /tmp file
system full...

There are a lot of file /tmp/FlashXX* with tons of Megatbytes, and one
can even re-play them with mplayer, they are of type:

$ file /tmp/FlashXX4g7qKo
/tmp/FlashXX4g7qKo: Macromedia Flash Video

after removin them all was fine again;


- Why they are there left over?
- Why is konqueror (or flash) hyding the fact of FS full and not just
  popping up some error box to let 'normal' users get to the problem?


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