ardour3 beta1 (use a midi keyboard with FreeBSD...)

Juergen Lock nox at
Wed Nov 16 19:53:41 UTC 2011


 I still haven't got around to porting lv2 ui and more plugins (help
highly welcome there :) - but after the ardour guys posted a beta1
release of ardour3,

I prepared another port update:

 As posted earlier, this depends on an lv2core port change,

as well as lilv, serd, and sord:

 Here are some (hopefully) useful links again:

 My original ardour3 alpha10 thread:

 I tested this with qjackctl, jack_umidi, and fluidsynth, as well
as with linuxsampler, here is a blog post about linuxsampler,
including about using it as an lv2 plugin with ardour3:  (the LV2CORE
knob with the audio/linuxsampler port)

 The mentioned linuxsampler frontend gui that you can run with java -jar:

 And a piano bank .gig (Maestro Concert Grand) that you can use
with linuxsampler:


- Test (and possibly fix) the VST stuff (it uses wine and thus probably
  only works on i386 and I'm on amd64 so I didn't attempt to build it.)

- Maybe fix the port so it respects C{,XX}FLAGS?  (it now uses waf which
  seems to ignore them.)

- Installation is not really supported yet by the ardour guys for
  the betas so there may be files not getting installed, if you
  notice something missing you can run the build from below the
  work/ dir by invoking:  (also without installing the port, i.e.
  after just doing `make' in the port dir not `make install')


- Test!  (are the Ardour devs interested in FreeBSD bugreports?
  I don't know. :)  What I do know is they don't want the alphas/betas
  discussed in their webforums, quote:

This is a beta version of Ardour 3.0.

You are respectfully requested NOT to ask for assistance with build issues
and not to report issues with Ardour 3.0 on the forums at

Please use IRC, the bug tracker and/or the ardour mailing lists (-dev or -user)

Thanks for your co-operation with our development process.

 Enjoy, :)

PS:  The export function in the gui doesn't work for midi tracks, but
you can fork a track and after that grab a midi file out of:

	<session dir>/interchange/<name>/midifiles

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