ardour3 r10465; raptor vs raptor2; liblrdf 0.5.0; slv2 build fix

Juergen Lock nox at
Sun Nov 6 13:18:43 UTC 2011


 So I updated my preliminary ardour3 port patch to r10461 and found
ardour crashed due to now linking to both textproc/raptor and
textproc/raptor2 which conflict, turns out it's a dependency problem:
ardour3 depends on (among other things) textproc/liblrdf and
audio/slv2, and slv2 now depends on textproc/raptor2 [1] while
textproc/liblrdf still depends on textproc/raptor, so I had to make
an update for textproc/liblrdf to 0.5.0 so that it uses textproc/raptor2

and I had to make a patch to [1] fix the build for audio/slv2: (at
least when textproc/raptor is installed too)

Both of these have no maintainer so if noone objects I guess I
should just commit these updates?

 The ardour3 r10465 port update is here:

and my original ardour3 thread with more info and links about Ardour
3 is here:  (Using a midi keyboard with FreeBSD...)

 Enjoy, :)

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