snd_hda no sound when I reboot from windows (and vice versa)

Patrick Lamaiziere patfbsd at
Thu May 26 20:13:34 UTC 2011

8.2 stable/i386


If I reboot from Windows, I've got no sound. I must remove the power
cord from the alimentation and then sound works in FreeBSD. 

Vice versa, same problem if I reboot from FreeBSD to Windows.

That's a bit annoying. I can see there are differences between the two
cases on the verbose output of snd_hda and pcm:

(hda-sound : sound works, hda-nosound : does not work)
roxette:~$ diff -u hda-sound.txt hda-nosound.txt
--- hda-sound.txt	2011-05-26 21:29:32.000000000 +0200
+++ hda-nosound.txt	2011-05-26 21:28:26.000000000 +0200
@@ -229,19 +229,47 @@
 hdac1:             nid: 20 [DISABLED]
 hdac1:            Name: vendor widget
-hdac1:      Widget cap: 0x00f00000
+hdac1:      Widget cap: 0x00f0010b

and pins association differs :

 pcm4: Speaker/Beep Volume (OSS: speaker)
 pcm4:    |
-pcm4:    +- ctl 23 (nid  34 out):    -15/12dB (19 steps) + mute
+pcm4:    +- ctl 29 (nid  34 out):    -15/12dB (19 steps) + mute


hda-sound.txt :
hda-nosound.txt :
diff :

Any idea?

Thanks, regards.

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