hda sound driver request

Jim Bryant kc5vdj.freebsd at gmail.com
Wed May 25 19:58:30 UTC 2011

i have a compaq (hp) presario c300 series laptop (with the 945gm 
chipset, not the 940) and a core2 duo t7600.

it seems that the mute button used to work under fbsd7, but now it 
doesn't.  the volume up/down buttons seem to work fine under x/kde.

i have determined that the mute button will light up when ogain is muted 
(even though ogain has absolutely no function otherwise it seems).

is there a way to tie ogain mute and main volume mute together so that 
they operate in tandem, to have normal functionality?

i did notice that in the ac97 code, there seems to be something to this 
effect, and seemingly in particular for a hp laptop of similar vintage.

i would do this myself, but i'm only just learning the driver interface, 
and in particular working on some usb projects that have been taking 
most of my available time for such things.



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