Webcamd modularisation ongoing

Hans Petter Selasky hselasky at
Wed May 18 19:05:29 UTC 2011


I'm currently restructuring webcamd to be more up to date with the following 

I've created a new tool (~1000 LOC) called linux_make, which I've committed to 
my I4B svn repositorium under the usbcam/ulinux/tools/linux_make folder.

This tool basically scans the Linux Makefiles and convert them into BSD ones 
based on input from a "config" file. This is very much like menuconfig, only 
more lightweight. For example I don't care about automatic dependencies.

Currently everything is built like a monotolith, but this new tool allows for 
modules aswell, so that for example the UVC video driver is a .so file which 
webcamd loads during startup.

When I've got all the bits and pieces together I will do the final switchover 
to using media_tree.git. This might require some help from people that have 
submitted driver patches to webcamd which might no longer apply.



svn --username anonsvn --password anonsvn \
      checkout svn://

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