Is here any DVB-S card compatible with FreeBSD?

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Tue May 17 20:05:34 UTC 2011

On Tue, 17 May 2011 20:45:31 +0400 Lev Serebryakov <lev at>

> Hello, Alexander.
> You wrote 17 мая 2011 г., 16:15:00:
> > Unlikely. Webcamd needs to get support for the CAM part.
> > I have this on my to-buy list, when I get time to take care about
> > my PC based TV setup:
> >    TechnoTrend S 2 3650 CI USB
> > It's a DVB-S2 USB device with a CAM slot.
>   Linux supports it (with CAM) according to

The problem is, that the webcamd has probably not all the
linux-emulation support inside yet, but Hans-Petter improved webcamd
fast in the past (as long as there was someone who was able to test
and provide feedback).

> Are all CAM compatible? Such devices aren't sold in Russia, where I
> live, and local Satellite TV provider could not say anything, will or
> will not their CAM works in such device :(

The CI slot is more or less a PCMCIA slot (Astra has now CI+, which
adds some kind of encryption to the mix, CI+ is not compatible with
CI). To be able to use a PayTV card, you need a CAM between your PayTV
card and the CI slot. If your PayTV provider supports normal CI slots,
he should be able to tell you what kind of CAM you need to buy. If your
provider does not support normal CI slots, and you want to use your
legally paid PayTV card, there is the gray area of programmable decoder
modules (there are a lot, e.g. AlphaCrypt, Diavolo/Diablo, ...). The
one you need depends on the encryption of the PayTV card you have.

So if your Satellite provider supports normal TVs with CI slots (not
CI+ slots) (Sony/Samsung/LG/... have some TVs with CI slots), it should
work in such a device too (no warranties).

If you give it a try, please keep us updated if/how it works (and
remember, Hans-Petter is the one to ask for support in webcamd).


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